What's BAG?

The BAG token powers the BAG ecosystem and has multiple uses: use BAG to play games, buy items, access exclusive features, vote on key decisions, and more.

Token Info

BAG is live on Blast and Ethereum.

There are a total of 8 billion BAG tokens, one for every Metaverse citizen on Earth. This supply is capped and no more BAG will be created.


BAG is used in all integrated apps and allows you to participate in the Bagcoin DAO to help shape the future of the ecosystem.

Additional utility will be added as adoption grows and the ecosystem evolves.

In-Game Currency

BAG is the main in-game currency at the DG Casino: the world's first licensed Metaverse casino.

Use BAG to play your favorite casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and cash poker. You can play in the Metaverse or on your phone on the go.

You can also earn BAG by participating in various tournaments and competitions. Over $23,000 in BAG prizes are up for grabs each month.

  • Cash game leaderboard: Play cash games on the Pocket Casino app and place among the top players to win BAG.

  • Casino leaderboard: Play in the Metaverse Casino and place among the top daily or weekly players to win BAG.

  • Casino competitions: Enter weekly competitions to win big BAG prize pools.

The fun doesnโ€™t stop there. Holding BAG also boosts your rewards at the DG Casino.

Boosted DG Casino Rewards

Holding BAG gives you up to a 3x bonus multiplier on your Blast, cashback, and referral rewards at the DG Casino.

  • Blast rewards: Earn up to 3x more Blast Gold and Points while playing.

  • Cashback rewards: Earn up to 30% of the house edge in instant cashback rewards.

  • Referral rewards: Earn up to 45% of the house edge from all your referrals' bets.

  • Private table rewards: Earn up to 42% of the rake generated from every poker game you host.

The more BAG you hold, the higher reward bonus multiplier you get and the more rewards you earn.

TierBAG RequiredBonus Multiplier





10,000 BAG



50,000 BAG



200,000 BAG



400,000 BAG



600,000 BAG



800,000 BAG



2,000,000 BAG



4,000,000 BAG



6,000,000 BAG



8,000,000 BAG


Exclusive Poker Tournaments

Holding BAG allows you to enter exclusive poker tournaments on Virtue Poker.

We're currently running multiple $150 freeroll tournaments on the weekends. To enter: you must hold at least 7,500 BAG on Blast or Ethereum.

For all tournament info, check out the Virtue Poker announcement.



$150 Freeroll

  • 3pm UTC (11am ET)

  • 7pm UTC (3pm ET)


$150 Freeroll

  • 3pm UTC (11am ET)

  • 7pm UTC (3pm ET)

Bagcoin DAO

The BAG ecosystem is governed by the Bagcoin DAO.

BAG Citizens can help shape the future of the ecosystem by proposing and voting on key decisions. Simply hold BAG in your wallet to participate, no staking or further action is required.

Instead of a central authority, voting power is distributed across all BAG Citizens and everyone has a say in the decision-making. Your voting power is proportional to the amount of BAG tokens you hold.

Check out Snapshot to view, submit, and vote on proposals.


Following a passed Decentral Games governance proposal, DG tokens were migrated to BAG starting February 28, 2024. The initial DG token allocation is listed on the DG docs.

As of now, ~75% of the DG token supply is circulating. Any potential discrepancy in the BAG circulating supply is due to unclaimed, unmigrated, or lost/burned DG.

BAG tokens held in the BAG Treasury will be used to fund development via grants, competition prizes, and other initiatives to grow the ecosystem.


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Need help buying BAG? Follow our video tutorial.

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